My Love Letter to My Life

Dear Life, I know that you have been patiently waiting for me to show up, I apologize for making you wait so long.

See the thing is that I have been busy; busy trying to figure YOU out, while letting others opinions become my reality of what YOU are suppose to be to me. I now know that I was always in control of YOU.

In the midst of YOU, I have been married, divorced, raised 3 beautiful, respectful children. I’ve made many relationships, some good, some bad…but YOU know what that’s all about, right? YOUR lessons.

I thank YOU for all the trials and triumphs I needed to encounter….LIFE, this is a letter to you to let you know I’m here, I’m ready to grab YOUR hand and never let go. I know you have many blessings and abundance waiting.  I also know that all of YOUR lessons have brought me to this very moment, it’s time for me to show up and get what YOU have in store….but it’s just one thing, before we begin to shape, mold and build together, we need to change YOUR name to….EMPIRE.

See ya soon!




3 thoughts on “DEAR LIFE

  1. Wow, what a beutiful letter to yourself……now step out on faith and do what you said. I see you Ms. EMPIRE!!!!

    Nothing but LOVE, Monica


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